25 things

update 2.15.10:// I decided I will continue to update my list as I cross off each item.  My time is winding down!  One and half more months to go!

Inspired by my dear friends, the B.F.F.E.s, I decided that with my return to blogging, I should make my own list of things to do.  25 things specifically, before my birthday in March.  Is that possible?  I have but a mere two months to complete these tasks!  Well, as Walt Disney once told me, “it’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”  I will try my best, Walt Disney.

  1. Attempt to carve (snowboard).  Yes, I said attempt.  I set low expectations. Completed 1/30/10: Success!  I actually carved all the way down a couple runs.  I have video evidence but I’m not sure I want to post that on youtube for all the world to see…
  2. Bake a cake from scratch (yes, I’ve done this before – just not often enough!)
  3. Take another hot yoga trial class (I am poor but I loved hot yoga; trials =cheap) Completed 3/2/10:  I only went twice but it felt so good!
  4. Visit SAAM
  5. Visit Wing Luke Museum: Completed 2/14/10: V-Day surprise from my booboo… Loved the exhibits, particularly the walking tour through the historic places.  Pictures to come.
  6. Take time to complete more jigsaw puzzles
  7. Raise at least $500 for the Big Climb on March 21st for the LLS (you can help me out, donate here!) In Progress, donate money please!
  8. Participate in the St. Paddy’s Day Dash In Progress, registered and ready to go
  9. Work out at least 3 times a week at the gym to train for above events! In Progress…
  10. Learn to embroider
  11. Watch at least four films that I have never seen before
  12. Begin preparing my portfolio/resume for this years hiring process
  13. Install my closet screen doors (this project has been on hold for two years…)
  14. Get back into the habit of completing the daily NY Times crossword (or at least attempting to complete it). In Progress: completed one Saturday!
  15. Coach JV girls tennis with enthusiasm Completed 3/1/2010, start of season and loving it.
  16. Refrain from going to fast food restaurants by myself, which includes drive-thru (this is harder for me than it should be, sadly) In Progress!  I’m doing well!  As long as teriyaki doesn’t count…
  17. Post about my current reads on here or just update my shelfari In Progress:  Wish that all of my friends were on shelfari but oh well…
  18. Go to the Seattle Aquarium with Josh and then…: Completed 2/14/10: Favorites?  Sea otters.  I wish I could eat while floating on my back.
  19. … eat sustainable sushi at Mashiko: Completed 2/14/10: Pre-fixe menu for V-Day, will definitely be back for Omakase.
  20. Obtain some clock hours through professional development opportunities
  21. Plan and teach a unit on Persepolis and Maus: In-Progress 2/10: Persepolis unit has begun and I couldn’t be more excited.  I love that my students are learning about Iran, many for the first time ever!
  22. Invest more time in the classroom for reading: In-Progress 2/10: We have SSR Mondays and Fridays, and my students are blogging about their current reads!  More to come…
  23. Take a coaching clinic for tennis Completed 2/27/10 at Forest Crest
  24. Come up with better grammar jokes for class (example: What’s the difference between a cat and a comma? One has claws at the end of its paws and one is a pause at the end of a clause. hahaha…)
  25. Learn how to play Call of Duty and beat Josh (ha… ha.)


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Scholar Ladies

I came across the video below while grading final projects in my classroom.  How fitting, at the end of first semester, that I should find such a catchy tune regarding authentic assessment based off the values of good teaching and learning?!  I couldn’t help but play the video for some of my fine freshmen students, who were staying after school to make up some late assignments.  After I thoroughly distracted them for ten minutes, I scolded them for being off task and directed them to finish, while I continued humming the tune as they worked.  Some might call it taunting; I call it motivation.

If you have not seen Glee, the Golden Globe winner for Best Comedy Television Series, I highly recommend it.  Scholar Ladies is reminiscent of the musical numbers performed during the show (oh Kurt, you’re my favorite).  This winning video was made for a Christian school’s Idol contest and posted on youtube for all to enjoy.  Thank you HopeChristian Schools!

“If you learned it, then you should have got an A on it… A, A, A… A, A, A, A, A…”

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